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Wallaby.js gets its first full-time developer and is looking for investors

Wallaby.js, our smart test runner, that makes you extremely productive when you are writing your JavaScript code and tests, is getting some great traction. More and more people are starting to use wallaby.js, community based plugins are starting to emerge. We have released version one, are already covering a great part of the mainstream JavaScript technologies and frameworks, and we are working on more.

Wallaby.js goal is to teach how and help the community to write testable and tested JavaScript applications of any scale with an immediate feedback from the tests. We would like to support as many code editors as we can, to bring wallaby love to everyone, from Vim users to various IDE users. Future plans include exposing more APIs and even gradually open sourcing the core of wallaby.js or its parts once our business gets a bit stronger. We also have many other ideas on our roadmap and some not yet announced but, trust me, very exciting and ambitious plans.

The technology and the approach (parallel and especially incremental test runs) that we use is unique and highly scalable. Efficient combo of our strict and complex runtime analysis based rules, along with a lot of experience based heuristics, makes wallaby.js a very special and smart tool. Our small team is dedicated to make wallaby.js an essential tool for writing and testing JavaScript, and I am confident that we will do it sooner or later.

Creating and maintaining professional and production quality tools of such scale, working in a variety of environments, using half a dozen of programming languages - not only requires a dedicated and highly motivated team but also an adequate financing. So far, myself and my small team have been working on wallaby.js in our spare time. As of today, I have made a decision to suspend my employment contract and start working on wallaby.js full-time.

It’s a big step for me personally. I knew I would do it one day and was prepared to face it, but when the day comes - it is still very exciting and scary at the same time.

While I have a solid plan to make wallaby.js community focused and sustainable business by selling commercial licenses, I would also like to try to boost wallaby.js evolution and development by trying to attract some additional external financing/investments.

You may already be using wallaby.js in your team and finding it helpful. Maybe you just like the idea and would like to see it in more editors, supporting more technologies and languages, supporting cloud testing, and would like to see it quickly becoming a high quality and affordable instrument for you and your team. In either case, please pass the information to the people you think might be interested in helping wallaby.js to reach its shiny future faster.

That’s it for the post, thanks for reading, follow us on twitter to stay updated. Drop me a line artem.govorov@gmail.com if you have any questions or suggestions.